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Next Up: Antique Map

  • Clark 

Alright, it’s been awhile since a Next Up post, let’s see if I remember how to do one of these…

After finally sitting down and wrapping up our custom Patternography logo puzzle from, we talked about wanting to make sure we moved on to a puzzle with a nice, tight fit between the pieces.  That was one of the things we liked best about Coffee & Donuts by Buffalo Games and I’d purchased a handful of puzzles from them back in February, so I pulled one of those somewhat at random and we got Antique Map.

Antique Map by Buffalo Games

I’m a map geek, as we’ve previously seen when I selected the Lantern Press Detroit map puzzle.  We’ve got an antique-style globe in our living room and if I had enough wall space in our office, I’d have maps there, too.

This isn’t about how the design speaks to us, though.  It’s entirely a matter of going with something we know will be quality, because we’re so tired of finding pieces that fit in a given spot but don’t belong in that spot.

It helps that these are some very pretty pieces, too.

Example pieces from “Antique Map” by Buffalo Games

I’m probably jinxing us but I don’t see a whole lot to trip us up here.  Yeah, there are similarities in the top-right and bottom-left corners but I think once we get some context, that’ll be fine.  There’s a pattern behind those colors anyway.  Yeah, there’s a lot of “antique white” in the background of the map but the lines of longitude and latitude should help clear that up quite a bit.

Maybe I’m wrong.  I just can’t see us sitting on this one for five months, though.

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