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Wrap-Up: Aimee Stewart Blacklight Bowling

  • Jenny 

This one was so much fun! I had hoped we would finish it on my birthday, but no such luck! We finished this one super quickly.

There was lots of fun little details in this puzzle. That along with the fun colors and the nostalgia made it fly by. Clark loved how the artist put herself in as one of the bowlers, and also thought it was funny how the scores are nonsensical to actual bowling scores.

The kiddo called out immediately that there is a random ball going down the lane with no one there to throw it. That and the fact that the lettering on the popcorn maker is backwards were hilarious to Clark. It makes me wonder if she made deliberate mistakes to see who caught them.

The pieces, as you can see really fit together nicely, which is nothing new for Buffalo Games. We really enjoy their puzzles, and we have a couple more coming up. But, for more information on those, you’re going to have to wait and see!

Stay puzzled!

-xo, j

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