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Next Up: All-Star Premiere

It’s been thirteen months and two days since I last wrote a Next Up post.  Let’s see how this one goes.

Up next for us is “All-Star Premiere” by Steve Crisp for White Mountain Puzzles.

All-Star Premiere by White Mountain Puzzles

I’m not really picking this for any special reason.  I could say something like, “Oh, it’s about movies, and we’re into summer blockbuster movie season” or something like that but it’s just coincidence.  Basically, we’re still bouncing back from the mental toll of our abandoned Nirvana “Nevermind” puzzle and, based on two previous White Mountain Puzzles, this feels like one that won’t be too difficult, even at 1000 pieces.

As I’ve said before, I don’t love White Mountain’s finish (not that it’s bad, just that some of our favorite manufacturers have really distinct, nice-feeling finishes), and their extra-large pieces feel weird to me, but the fit of the pieces is generally really good.  We’ll see if that holds up here.

This design looks pretty simple.  Not a lot of repeated patterns, aside from the circles in the top-right corner.  So it should be a good bounce-back option.  We’ve got some busy weekends coming up so we’ll see if we can crank this one out and move onto something else or if this one is going to last for a bit.

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