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Next Up: Superior Iron Man

Alright, we thought we might take a little bit of a break but we’re coming back at it with “Superior Iron Man” by one of our favorite companies, Buffalo Games & Puzzles.

Superior Iron Man by Buffalo Games

It’s a suitably geeky choice for a suitably geeky weekend, as the only big plans we have other than doing this puzzle are getting together with some friends to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Something I think is interesting about this design is that the puzzle is called “Superior Iron Man” but it’s about the Iron Man character, rather than the villain actually called “Superior Iron Man.”  I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something, I’m not a huge Marvel comics guy.

The kid got this for me for my birthday last fall and we’re finally getting a chance to break it out.  I don’t particularly expect it to be difficult but that’s a lot of shiny red and gold, so it might take a little bit to sort out.  I do wonder if we’ll be thrown off by this puzzle being oriented vertically.  We haven’t done too many of those.

Of course we’re going to start off our soundtrack with Ramin Djawadi’s “Driving With the Top Down” from the original Iron Man movie score.  We’ll see where it goes from there.

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