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Puzzle Break: Summer Evening

As we mentioned on social media and in the wrap-up post for “St. Joseph North Pier Inner Lighthouse,” we stepped away from that puzzle briefly to head to our local library and do our first ever puzzle competition.

It was a 90-minute contest to do the 500-piece “Summer Evening” from White Mountain Puzzles.  We rarely do 500-piece puzzles, and we’re very familiar with White Mountain, so we had a good feeling going into it, but never having done a contest like this we had no idea how it would go.

We also got placed on a team with a wonderful woman named Yvonne (and someone named Heather who ended up not showing up) so we didn’t know how working as a team would work.

In the end, we got done at about the 85-minute mark, outside of the podium but done before the deadline so we’re happy with the result.  And beside, the teams that finished ahead of us all had four people so we were at a disadvantage anyway. /s

The completed Summer Evening by White Mountain Puzzles

Through So Puzzled Puzzle Company, we got to support the event by donating puzzles to be given away as door prizes.  The whole thing was a lot of fun and we hope we get the opportunity to do something like it again soon.

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