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Next Up: Our Anniversary Puzzle

  • Jenny 

Now that the four of our puzzles from So Puzzled Puzzle Company are behind us, and the launch party is complete, we have a very special puzzle for this time of year. Our anniversary was Friday, and for our anniversary a few years ago, Clark got me a custom puzzle with one of our wedding photos on it. It has our names over the photo and our anniversary date printed around the edges.

This is the first puzzle we are doing from that we’ve done in the custom puzzle space. I have been waiting to pick this puzzle until we were around our anniversary and this is the first time since he got it for me that we’ve not be swamped by something else, or in the middle of a different puzzle.

I think this will be fun, but the trees that are to the left and right of us will be a pain in the ass. One thing to note about the name artwork is that the artwork that is in the actual letters are art pieces that we have each completed. For Clark, a poured acrylic painting, and mine is an alcohol ink project which now sits on a shelf in my office.

The border is white with the anniversary date in it, so that might be a bit of a pain depending on how thick the border is, plus the anniversary date is in the same fonts all around as well.

Stay Puzzled!

-xo, j

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