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Puzzle Break: A 3D Frozen Puzzle

  • Jenny 
Picture of the box of the finished palace puzzle

For Christmas, the kiddo got a 3D Frozen puzzle from Santa that is Elsa’s Ice Palace from the first Frozen movie.

Picture of the box of the finished palace puzzle
The Frozen Puzzle

She wanted to do the puzzle this weekend, so this morning and a little bit this afternoon we spent some time putting the puzzle together. First sign that this would not go smoothly, is that we opened the box, and saw this.

Inside of Frozen puzzle box with pieces in sheets that need to be broken apart
Puzzle pieces. In sheets that need to be broken apart.

Second sign it would be difficult was that we needed to remove a plastic protector sheet from the artwork side. Disney kindly provided adhesive sheets that were supposed to magically pull the protector sheet off. Spoiler: it did not, and I cut my nails last night so I had no way to easily peel off the plastic. Clark ended up peeling the plastic off, while I used the included awl to stab out the grooves for the tongue and groove on each piece that had them, and E started putting the pieces together.

Third sign, was that as she was starting to put it together, she said that the box made it look like wood, and she was disappointed that it wasn’t. Seems to be a theme with some of these puzzles for us Rasmussen ladies, doesn’t it?

The tongue and groove didn’t stay particularly well, but we finally got it into a finished state. As you can see on the box it’s supposed to be able to show you a hologram of the different characters in the doorway of the palace. You slot a card in from the back, shine a light from underneath and it’s supposed to reflect off a card that is at an angle behind the space for the door. We put the card in backwards. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Finished Elsa's Ice Palace
The (painfully) finished puzzle

In the end, once it was together, it looked pretty cool. Fortunately, the kiddo didn’t really end up caring about the hologram part and we had fun putting this puzzle together, and at the same time commiserating over its difficulty. My fingers still hurt and this was several hours ago now.

And now, a brief note from the kiddo: before you buy this, think first. It is a pain in the butt to put together.

xo -J

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