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Puzzle Break: A Family Collage

This puzzle break was a 520 piece puzzle from Shutterfly that my parents got us for Christmas last year.

We ripped through this puzzle pretty quickly. The amount of time we actually spent on the puzzle was about an hour and a half. We paused to watch the premiere of the Barbie Dream House competition on HGTV while we ate dinner. I think part of the ease was that because they were photos of our family so it was pretty easy to tell when it was one of our eyes or chins, and Clark has very recognizable t-shirts that were easy to group together.

Delightfully weird cut of the pieces

The pieces felt very glossy, but not flimsy which is nice. Shutterfly didn’t do a great job of breaking up the pieces, we had quite a few that were still attached, even an entire corner!

There was never a question of whether a piece fit correctly or not, but it definitely was not a tight fit. When we tried to slide the puzzle onto some poster board to flip it for contact paper, it kept getting caught on the poster board. We ended up using a more plastic piece of board and sliding it off the edge of the table to the board for flipping. It now has contact paper on the back and two coats of Mod Podge on the front to help it store nicely.

This was a fun little puzzle to do as a family – thanks Mom and Dad!

Stay puzzled,

-xo, j

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