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Next Up: New York Times Front Page Redux

  • Jenny 
Front of box of NYT puzzle box on beige carpet background

If you’ve been following us awhile, you know that a birthday front page puzzle for Clark was one of the puzzles that kicked all this off for us. Well, for our anniversary this year, Clark got me a NYT Front Page Puzzle of the day we got married – though this one is right from NYT themselves, instead of Uncommon Goods.

Front of box of NYT puzzle box on beige carpet background

One of the reasons that I chose this one to do next, is that 2 years ago yesterday, we left on our honeymoon. We were there when we passed three months married so it just felt appropriate to do this one now! I don’t expect this will take the whole time we were in Iceland, but I think it will still take a couple days at least. I’m awash in memories as I write this, and I’m sure that we both will be as we put this together, both of our wedding and our honeymoon! I probably will also be dreaming of when it is safe for us to travel again, I miss it so much!

I expect that we’ll end up doing this in a very similar manner to the first one: masthead, headlines, then photos and articles as we familiarize ourselves with the text. Unlike the one I got Clark for his birthday, this one is 1,000 pieces, so it should take us longer than the single evening we did the first one in.

Gleðilegt ráðgáta! (Happy Puzzling)

-xo, j

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