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Wrap Up: Disney Pixar

  • Jenny 

As expected, this was just a really fun puzzle to complete!

Between the weather and the smoke from the Quebec wildfires making being outside inadvisable, we spent just under 48 hours on this 2,000 piece beauty to finish up.

We all had posters we wanted to work on, the kiddo especially wanted to work on Finding Dory (lower right) and Ratatouille (middle right), though she gave up rather quickly on the Ratatouille and told us we could work on it, and it was ok. I spent a lot of time working within the borders, which we started with as our usual. I love Toy Story, so I let Clark know that I wanted to work on those – even as I was working on two of the Incredibles posters. Often he would hand me pieces and just say “Toy Story” sometimes indicating which poster it belonged to. I appreciated the heck out of that! By the end of the puzzle, I was mostly filling in monochrome colored parts. There was a surprising amount of the same color of blue and black with just barely enough of a shade difference

Clark spent most of his time putting the posters together outside the borders, and moving them inside in chunks, the other Finding Dory, Coco, Good Dinosaur, and we both worked on Finding Nemo at the end. He also spent a lot of time dodging the child as she is not used to doing a puzzle with multiple other people. He would be working in one corner and she would all of a sudden need to be exactly where he was and just push him out of the way.

It was still really fun to share this with her though. We were able to talk about how just because a piece fits physically, doesn’t mean the artwork matches. There were a couple times where, while we were working, she would work on the puzzle. Then after work, we would have to take apart some of what she had done because it wasn’t quite right.

We had some weird results as you can see in the three pieces smashed together above. Fortunately, there was no damage, and on the whole, the pieces were nicely made. We know there is only so much manufacturers can do to make sure all the pieces separate after cutting, but there were quite a few sets of pieces that were still attached in some way (not all pictured above). E provided a different point of view, “Don’t complain! It helps us!”

We do wish that there had been more movies represented on the puzzle though. Lots of repeat movies, even if the posters for the movie were different.

Our soundtrack for this was mostly Disney and Pixar songs, though sometimes Google in their infinite wisdom would throw in an unrelated Broadway song. Tonight as we wrapped up though, we were listening to 90s grunge, as we often do while we puzzle.

Stay puzzled,

-xo, j

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