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Next Up: Disney Pixar

Well, I wasn’t expecting to need to write another next up quite so quickly, but here we are!

A friend of ours did this puzzle, Disney -Pixar (movie posters), last year (maybe the year before?) and had a piece missing. Though it’s possible her family hid one piece from her – she often is missing a piece at the end of her puzzles.

I’ve been looking forward to this one since Tricia posted about hers. I’m a big Disney and Pixar fan (do not ask me about my bag collection – or my DVD collection) so this will be super fun. I also think that it will be relatively quick, since it is all movie posters, even if it’s 2,000 pieces. Kind of like Talkin’ All That Jazz but without the sweet finish that Apostrophe Puzzles has.

It’s a Ceaco puzzle, of which we’ve done one before. This one was purchased from Amazon, so hopefully it doesn’t have the same quality issues that Fairy Forest did.

Looking forward to getting started on this one!

Stay puzzled!

-xo, j

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