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Puzzle Break: Comfort & Joy

Ok, the current puzzle is…. a lot. There’s a lot of blue and we definitely needed a break! Fortunately for us, Comfort & Joy by Puzzles of Color was in stock this year! I had wanted to do this puzzle last year, but it sold out before I could buy a copy – I was so disappointed, but also thrilled for them that it sold out.

I was waiting for this Christmas to get and do this puzzle, but then we have spent months trying to finish the Nirvana puzzle, and it’s still not done. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to do this 500 piece delight, so we did it on the coffee table as a break from the never ending blue puzzle! We thoroughly enjoyed this puzzle, and not just because it gave us a break.

The pieces had an almost linen-y feel, similar to the puzzles from Apostrophe Puzzles, but not quite. It was very smooth and we loved them! We also enjoyed having the weirdly cut puzzle pieces, instead of having the standard pieces to put together.

The colors are vibrant, and the whole scene is just very cozy. Such joyful, happy memories immortalized in this puzzle, it’s made me spend some time reminiscing on my childhood Christmases as well. Not sure we’re super energized to return to the Nirvana puzzle, but this was a wonderful intermission. We will be buying more puzzles from Puzzles of Color after we get through more of our current stash – I can’t wait!

Stay puzzled!

-xo, jenny

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