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Wrap-Up: Cinque Terre

  • Clark 

We finished off “Cinque Terre” by Buffalo Games a couple days ago but didn’t get a chance to write it up due to running all over the place for the Thanksgiving holiday.

This was a bit of fun. The pain points were where we expected them to be and it’s a really pretty photo when completed.  Everything we’d expect from Buffalo Games.

The completed “Cinque Terre” puzzle by Buffalo Games.

The edges were a little difficult because there was so much blue but we got them sorted out pretty quickly.  From there, Jenny worked on the water while I got started on the buildings.  Working on buildings was much faster than working on water, so by the time Jenny was ready to move on to the sky, the tops of the buildings were done so there were edges to work with there.  I did the trees in the bottom-left corner, then we finished it off with the cliffs (and any straggler pieces from other spots).

Two small knocks on the puzzle: There were a couple spots on the edges where a piece seemed to fit where it didn’t belong, which was surprising.  Also, after unboxing, the pieces had a weird smell we’d never experienced before.

Neither of those took away from our ability to enjoy the puzzle, though.  It’s our seventh Buffalo Games puzzle, we know what to expect from them at this point and they deliver.

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