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Next Up: Cinque Terre

Okay, we’re returning from our little break and we’re starting back up with a company we’re big fans of, taking on “Cinque Terre” by Buffalo Games.  There is a 2000-piece version of this design out there but we’re doing the 1000-piece one.

Cinque Terre by Buffalo Games

I actually grabbed this as a set of several puzzles I purchased on a whim back in February of 2021.  Our queue was running low so I ordered this and “Coffee & Donuts” and “Antique Map.”  We kept finding more significant puzzles to do, and we got hung up on some of those, so it was easy to kind of lose track of this one.

There’s no personal tie for us in this one.  It’s just some gorgeous colors and a really pretty design by a company we’ve liked in the past.

There are enough different colors in this one that I don’t expect it to be very difficult.  The water and the rocks could get tricky but they’re a relatively small part of the puzzle.  If it weren’t for Thanksgiving and some related travel coming up, I’d say we should be able to get through this relatively quickly.

Of course, speaking that into the world is probably a jinx, so we’ll just have to see what happens.

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