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Ooops… That Was Fast: Broadway

I had originally planned to write up this puzzle when we paused for the night. My camera battery was dead, so I plugged it in and we got started on Broadway from White Mountain Puzzles.

Well, time flew by as we did this one! We really enjoyed this puzzle. We listened to broadway cast albums while we did this one, of course. Something Rotten, Matilda the Musical, Into the Woods (1989), and Phantom of the Opera were our background noise as we worked. We finished partway through Phantom’s album after about 4 hours of doing this puzzle.

We started with the edges, as per usual, though this one was a little weird for us in a couple ways. Usually, I find all (or most) of the corners, this time Clark found half of them. He also usually ends up doing a giant chunk that gets moved in later, and this time I did that with the center marquee.

When we started, we thought this might be a quick one, then around 10:30pm we were second guessing ourselves. We didn’t want to stop doing this puzzle, it was a delight! We finished around 12:30am, took some photos and crashed pretty hard. It was a really fun little at home date night for us after a pretty strenuous few months.

We picked this up at Wharton Center Gifts in East Lansing after a show, along with two other puzzles I’m sure you’ll see soon. Broadway and the arts are hugely important to us, especially me. I love all things Broadway and the Tony Awards are an annual holiday in our house. I have a degree in theatre from a state university, and I have performed in many shows through High School and College.

Stay puzzled!

-xo, j

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