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Next Up: Donut Worry, Be Happy!

After cranking out “Broadway” in a single night last weekend, we’re looking for a little bit more of a challenge from the 1500-piece “Donut Worry, Be Happy!” by Buffalo Games.

This was a gift from my daughter last Christmas so it feels appropriate to get into with the Christmas season upon us once again.

Donut Worry, Be Happy! by Buffalo Games

It feels a lot like “Coffee & Donuts” by Aimee Stewart, also from Buffalo Games.  We did that one a couple years ago.  It’s kind of crazy to think that “Coffee & Donuts” was our first Buffalo Games puzzle and now we’ve done more from them than any other manufacturer.

I said to Jenny that I think this one will be relatively easy and she cautioned me to say “simple” (as opposed to “complex”).  There are some clear blocks of color to work with on this puzzle that I think will help speed things along.  I’ve been wrong about that before, though.

It’s also 1500 pieces, which is more than we usually do.  That hasn’t been a plan or anything, we’ve done 2000-piece puzzles, too; it’s just that there are a lot of 1000-piece puzzles.  So I’m curious to see if the higher piece count will make a difference for us.

We’ve got a Christmas-themed one we’re looking at doing next so hopefully we can at least get through this one in time for that one to also be done during the holidays.

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