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Next Up: Handmade Wreaths

  • Jenny 

With barely two weeks left until Christmas, we are busting out our Christmas theme puzzle for this year!

Handmade Wreaths from Galison, though we purchased it from our favorite local bookstore, 2 Dandelions Bookshop, not their website. I think that because it is a defined grid, with the different door colors and none of the wreaths exactly the same, it won’t be too difficult. Clark, on the other hand, thinks that it will harder than we are expecting.

The pieces look like they will be the traditional cut, but one thing I like about this one, is that it has three different spots where you can see the whole completed design – the front and back of the box, and an insert. It’s usually just the two of us working on a puzzle, but it’s nice that if we had more people, it would be easier to share the images as we hunt.

The holidays are always a bit hectic, but we’re looking forward to this puzzle!

Stay puzzled!

-xo, j

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