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Wrap-Up: Handmade Wreaths

A collage of different holiday wreaths on many different front doors in London, England

Well, that was more of a challenge than I thought it would be!

A collage of different holiday wreaths on many different front doors in London, England

The shadows playing off the lighter doors making them look darker on the pieces than the door they went with really threw us for a loop on a few! I also got tripped up on the sheer number of wreaths with berries and oranges. Normally with a collage like this, we treat each square as an individual puzzle. However, these were so small, it wasn’t not easily apparent what went where. We ended up filling in a little at a time and it wasn’t until we were about two thirds done that we connected the top to the bottom anywhere besides the edges.

As we separated out the edge pieces, I (for the first time) collected anything from the inner pieces with purple on it. If you know me at all, you know I am bi, and my favorite color is purple. I set aside the Pride wreath (shout out to the badass who made that wreath, by the way!) pieces, and any pieces that had purple on them. The straw heart was the easiest of the purples to put together. Very distinct pattern, minimal shadow, and clear edges of the wreath.

An angled view of the completed wreath puzzle

We also really enjoyed the feel of the pieces and how they went together. They had a solid feeling when you put them together and it was in the right spot. You could pick up groups of them without worrying that they would fall apart. We also liked that while the pieces were all 2 innie/2 outie, they weren’t cut square and added an element of “does that really go there??” that was really fun – at least for me.

We hope you have a fabulous holiday season, and a peaceful new year.

Stay puzzled!

-xo, j

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