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Next Up: Our Own Puzzle Company!

So Puzzled Puzzle Company wordmark logo over the back of a completed puzzle

Over the last couple posts we’ve been dropping hints that we are looking to announce something soon, and we’ve finally made it to that day!

We are launching a puzzle company! We are so excited to announce our company, So Puzzled Puzzle Company, featuring puzzles with artwork from and of Michigan artists, photographers, locations, and authors. We have designed four great puzzle designs for our first collection that we will be revealing very soon. Join our mailing list, and follow us on social media to see the teasers and know the moment they are revealed.

We will have special pre-order pricing, and the puzzles will ship as soon as we receive them from the manufacturer. There will be lots of communication around shipping dates, so no one will miss out.

What does this mean for We Are So Puzzled? Absolutely nothing. We still love doing puzzles and we still want to share our experiences with them. We’ll just be doing some of our own along the way, too. In fact, the whole reason we changed our blog domain over to a while back was so we could continue blogging but use for the new company.

We hope you are as excited as we are; join us as we get so puzzled!

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