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Next Up: I Love Michigan

As we mentioned last week, we’ve been on a little bit of a break from doing puzzles as we get prepared to start making puzzles, but we’re back at it with a thematically-appropriate one: Charlie Girard‘s “I Love Michigan” by White Mountain Puzzles.

I Love Michigan by White Mountain Puzzles

We said one of the reasons we wanted to start our own puzzle company is to highlight all that our home state has to offer.  That doesn’t mean no one else is doing that, as seen with this design, just that we have a way we’d like to do it ourselves.

This one references a whole lot of Michigan stuff all at once.  Hell and Hockeytown, the Badger and Binder Park Zoo, Motown and Mackinac.  With collage-style puzzles in the past, we’ve ended up treating them kind of like a bunch of mini-puzzles, and I see no reason that won’t be the case here.

This is our fifth puzzle from White Mountain and our second from Charlie Girard.  Somewhat ironically, with our previous one by him, our complaint was about how Michigan was represented.  We did that one in a single night and I’d be surprised if this one takes very long.

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