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Wrap-Up: Main Street U.S.A. Fireworks

We finished up “Main Street U.S.A. Fireworks” from Ceaco Puzzles earlier this week and it turned out to be a really nice-looking puzzle.

The completed “Main Street U.S.A. Fireworks” puzzle from Ceaco Puzzles.

The edges were more difficult than we expected, with the top border particularly troublesome.  At one point we had the top put together only to realize it wasn’t quite right and we needed to take it apart again.

Jenny did a lot of work on the fireworks while I focused on the castle.  Once we got the fireworks and the castle combined and connected into the top border, I continued working on the rest while Jenny brute-forced a lot of the sky.  I tried to get the trees and other elements that bounded the sky done so we had more edges to work with but, unsurprisingly the sky was still the last part of the puzzle to be completed.

A couple days after finishing it, Jenny said, “This puzzle is so pretty that I can almost forget how hard the sky was to put together.”

We usually listen to music while puzzling but for this one we turned Disney-related movies on in the background.  Both Incredibles movies, Lilo & Stitch, and Shang-Chi.

The initial round of puzzles from our own company, So Puzzled Puzzle Company, are almost available but we think we’re going to try to get in at least one more from our personal collection before they arrive.

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