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Next Up: Women March

As Clark mentioned in the Disney wrap up post, we are going to try and do one more puzzle before So Puzzled Puzzle Company’s puzzles make an appearance on the scene!

For our next puzzle, we are doing Eeboo Co’s 1000 piece square Women March puzzle! This is seemingly no longer available on their website, but the round 500 piece one is. I saw this in the window of Wharton Gifts after a show at some point, but it was only 500 pieces and we didn’t buy it at that time. However, Clark hunted down the 1000 piece version on ebay and gave it to me as a gift for my birthday shortly after!

I am excited to do this puzzle, even if it is a clear reminder of how far women (and BIPOC and LGBTQ+) have to go for equality in this country. We have even been going backwards seemingly on all fronts which is no end of frustration for us.

Since there is a clearly quoted border, I don’t think we will struggle on the border like we did for the Disney puzzle. I do think that given the beautiful detail in the artwork by Jennifer Orkin Lewis we will be able to approximately place the faces as we come across the pieces, instead of trying to put chunks together and put them in the puzzle all at once. The signs, perhaps, will still be put together then placed.

A bright and colorful puzzle, we hope we finish this up before our puzzles get here!

Stay Puzzled!



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