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Wrap-Up: Women March

What a fun puzzle! We wrapped up this delightful piece on Wednesday night. A couple of things immensely surprised us. At first glance, there isn’t a repeating face, but folly on me – there is!

I say folly on me because I was the one who accidentally placed part of the face from the upper right corner in the spot of the bottom toward the middle. Clark realized that I had placed it incorrectly and moved it up. As far as we can tell, that is the only duplicate, though we did keep a closer eye out for duplicates after that.



We started with the border (as per) and then we tried to place as many of the inner border pieces to complete the words in the border, not necessarily the entirety of the grey. I was surprised with how deep the grey of the border went in. It was on three layers of pieces in the top and bottom borders! We spent most of the time picking up a piece with something distinct on it then scouring the image insert (which didn’t fully match the finished puzzle! What?!) or the smaller whole image on the back of the box to place the piece. Eventually though, that wasn’t working as well for me.

I spent some time organizing the pieces by innie/outie ratios and filling in the gaps where I knew the shape of the piece on Wednesday. When Clark got home, he continued with the distinctive pieces, and I continued filling in small gaps. This made the rest of the puzzle go very quickly, and we had it done with another hour of puzzling.

This is our last puzzles before our So Puzzled Puzzle Company puzzles are delivered this week. Which means our next puzzle will be one that we made! It’s so exciting!

Stay Puzzled!

-xo, j

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