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Wrap-Up: Island Hopping

  • Jenny 

Done far too soon! Only 11 days since my next up post, we have finished Island Hopping from Apostrophe Puzzles.

The finish was just as gorgeous as the others from Apostrophe that we’ve done, absolutely beautiful! I had a couple pieces that the finish didn’t feel exactly right, but it was few and far between – maybe two or three total? This is our third Apostrophe puzzle, and it wasn’t until this puzzle that I realized that all of the pieces are oriented in the same direction! I think if it was any other puzzle company it would bother me, but the fit, finish, design, and challenge of these puzzles are just so spot on it doesn’t even matter. We still highly recommend this company, 100%. I have a few other puzzles in my line up, including another Apostrophe from their first collection, so we won’t be seeing their new collection for a little bit yet – I know, I’m disappointed too. But, I want them to LAST.

We had a few guest puzzlers on this one, the kiddo found a couple pieces, and when my parents visited they helped a bit too. I think it was mostly Mom – not sure if I saw Dad ever actually try and find a piece. He may have just hung out with us.

Our soundtrack was varied. Sometimes we started from White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, other times from Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. We also watched a couple Wings games and a few of EriannaAbyss’ streams while working on this one. I think we’re going to move on to another puzzle chosen by Clark fairly quickly, so stay tuned, and stay puzzled!

-xo, j

P.S. What do we think of the photo? I took it with my phone, and then Google Photos did some magic to crop and re-orient it to make it flat. I was pleased, even if there seems to be a little warping and blurriness in the end result.

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