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Wrap-Up: Bengal Blue by Vinita Karim

As expected, this puzzle was so fun, and so delicious to do! Exemplified by me, laying on the puzzle stroking the velvety finish, when we finished it tonight.

This puzzle was super fun, and as Apostrophe noted in the comments of our first instagram post about this puzzle, it was definitely harder than the first one we did.

We enjoyed this one immensely! The kiddo helped out and found a couple pieces this morning before school, way more on fire than I am first thing in the morning. One thing Clark pointed out about Apostrophe puzzles that we keep neglecting to mention (or in my case, notice and put words to) is that they are all very rectangular, no square or weird shapes. But we also don’t care because of how fun these puzzles are to do, and the all around quality of Apostrophe’s puzzles is high. 100% recycled chipboard, nontoxic ink, excellent snap factor when placing pieces, and as we’ve covered many times, the absolutely fantastic matte finish.

Their quality is such that almost immediately after posting the next up post, I purchased the remaining puzzles we did not have in our collection from Apostrophe. I mentioned it in the first IG post linked above, and when our new puzzles arrived, there was a personalized note from Mandi (founder of Apostrophe) about it. It was very sweet, so kind, and a wonderful surprise! We are seriously looking forward to the remaining puzzles of theirs we have, and whatever comes next from them. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Stay Puzzled!

xo, -j

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