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Wrap Up: Vivid Collection Fairy Forest

  • Jenny 

A wrap up post that appears less than a month after the Next Up?! What a crazy thought!

But it’s true, here we are, with our first completed puzzle since Christmas! It is a beautifully colorful puzzle, but it’s not without its problems. I bought this from Amazon, so that might have contributed to the quality issues. There were a large number of pieces that were separating, and they didn’t fit quite as well together. If we tried to check fit on a piece, they didn’t come apart easily from each other and at least one of them would feel like they were peeling the top from the bottom.

It was a joy to work on something that had so much detail, and so much color, though at times it was overwhelming for me with how much there was to do.

As per usual, we started with sorting the pieces and pulling out the edges. We put the edges mostly together before we started on the middle bits. We both jumped around, but I started with the orange and purple flowers in the upper left corner. Clark started on the suns and moons and the kiddo, being out of school for the summer finished what he started. It was a tiny bit frustrating for Clark to come back and see that she just up and finished it. Though, with that in mind, perhaps we should have her work with us on more puzzles….

Stay Puzzled!

-xo, j

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