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Wrap-Up: Portage Lake Lift Bridge

  • Jenny 

After a ridiculously busy week, we have finished the Portage Lake Lift Bridge from So Puzzled Puzzle Company!

This was a lot of fun! The strange pieces again were a favorite part, and it did help in the sky and lake as we expected. Also as we thought, the sky and the lake were the hardest, and what we finished last. We spent about two hours wrapping up the lake and sky on Saturday night, starting a radio station with White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane for us to listen to. It was quite a different mix than we usually get, and it was great!

I sprained my ankle last weekend, so we did this one a little differently. Usually we both move around while we flip pieces out of the bag, but I stayed in one place and Clark helped me move pieces out further away from where we usually puzzle. In addition, while we were flipping pieces and sorting the edge, I called doing the tree. We don’t normally call certain spots of the puzzle, but I really wanted to do the tree. So, Clark claimed the bridge after my declaration. We started with the edges and moved directly into our claimed parts of the puzzle. Because I claimed the tree while we were sorting pieces, I also collected as many tree pieces as possible, too. I worked alternately on finishing the border and the tree, because it was a little frustrating sometimes.

Clark put together the bridge towers (idk, if that’s what that’s called?) and started bouncing between the lake and the sky. Eventually I took over the sky, and he went back to the blue part of the bridge. The pieces fit really nicely together, and with a puzzle with crazy pieces, that’s important. You can tell even with a single connection that you have the right piece, these fit so well together.

We only have one more of So Puzzled Puzzle Company’s puzzles to do, stay tuned and stay puzzled!

-xo, j

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