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Next Up: Solstice Sunset – Mount Kineo

We’re coming right back at it with a puzzle from a new-to-us company, Solstice Sunset: Mount Kineo from Moosehead Marketplace.

Solstice Sunset: Mount Kineo from Moosehead Marketplace

I’ll admit right off the bat: We’ve got no special connection to this one.  We got this as an experiment for something we’re working on (more details coming soon).  So there’s no tie for us to Moosehead Lake or anything like that.  But we do think the photo from North Woods Aerial is quite gorgeous.

Since this is an experiment, we figured this was a good one to crack open while Jenny’s parents are in town for a visit.  The plan is for all of us to hang out around our puzzle table and blow through this.  That said, there’s a lot of sky in that photo and I could see that slowing us down.

We’ve got one more Halloween-like puzzle we want to do before the end of the month so hopefully this one is quick.

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