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Next Up: St. Joseph North Pier Inner Lighthouse

We are so freaking excited about this next puzzle: “St. Joseph North Pier Inner Lighthouse” by So Puzzled Puzzle Company.

That’s right, this is one of our own!

St. Joseph North Pier Inner Lighthouse by So Puzzled Puzzle Company

One of the reasons I love this photo by Kati Hook is that it’s not the stereotypical lighthouse image.  Google “lighthouse photo” and you get a bunch of white and/or red towers in daylight against a water/sky backdrop.  This is more like a sunset photo that just happens to be at a lighthouse.  The lighthouse itself being in silhouette is just such a striking image, in my opinion.

As far as the puzzle itself goes, we know there are going to be parts we like because we designed it to be what we like.  Linen finish and random-cut pieces were really important to us.

Beyond that, as per usual, I’m really curious to see how the sky comes together.  I could see some of that needing to be brute-forced, but the random-cut pieces will impact how that goes.

As much as we want to savor this one, we expect to get through it relatively quickly.  We have three more SPPC designs lined up and want to do them all.

We can’t wait to unbox this one and get going!

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