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Give Up: Solstice Sunset – Mount Kineo


We’re not doing this again.  We’re pulling the plug on “Solstice Sunset: Mount Kineo” from Moosehead Marketplace after one night.

I noted in the Next Up post that there’s a lot of sky in that photo.  There’s a lot of water, too.  We unboxed this one and started sorting pieces and it was starting to look like giant blocks of a single color and that’s not the kind of puzzle we like to do.

So we’re not going to do it.  As I said, this was an experiment, and we got what we needed from it.  We’ve got other puzzles we want to do that we’re more attached to so, like “Nirvana Nevermind” earlier this year, we’re going to give up.

For the record, the things we usually look at for determining what makes a good puzzle were mostly there.  The puzzle finish was nothing special but the fit and feel of the pieces was comparable to White Mountain Puzzles.  There were some of those unique puzzle shapes that we love.  It’s a really pretty picture.

We just think that the photo should have been cropped differently to make for a good puzzle.  By my math, 40% of the puzzle is one big cloud at the top of the puzzle.  Another 15% is water at the bottom.  The middle 45% looks awesome.  If we had some personal tie to it, maybe 45% would be enough, but we don’t so…  Nope.

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