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Wrap-Up: Gloomy Carnival

  • Jenny 
Completed Ravensburger Gloomy Carnival puzzle

We did it! We wrapped up Gloomy Carnival last night around 9:30pm, and EriannaAbyss also successfully completed her #BioShocktober challenge very early this morning!

Completed Ravensburger Gloomy Carnival puzzle

This puzzle was super fun to do, but outside influences certainly affected the time spent on it. We started as per usual with flipping the pieces, and doing the border. We followed that up by working in sections. Clark worked on the Ferris Wheel and I started on the broken popcorn machine, and tossing pieces in the general place they would end up – like the sea dragon in the creek, which had very distinctive colors.

The pieces were all pretty uniform, no crazy cuts on this one, but it was still fun and not too hard to complete. We had a very rough week after we started this, but because of the design and the fun of this one it was easier to work on. Clark actually did a large amount on his own on Thursday while I laid on the floor with our ailing pup.

We did notice that there was a lot of give in the connection between pieces, especially when first getting started putting it together which was a bit of a surprise given what we’d heard about Ravensburger puzzles. Once the puzzle really started coming together, we still could notice the give but it wasn’t as big of a problem.

This will be our last puzzle for a short while as we handle, and come to terms with, our beloved Tesla’s crossing the rainbow bridge.

An image of Tesla, a 13.5 year old boxer mix sleeping on a dark greenish brown couch.

Stay puzzled.

-xo, j

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