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Wrap-up: Oh MI Cookies!

It’s done and it’s so pretty!!

This was so fun to put together. My predictions were accurate that the counter areas would be hard, as well as making sure we were keeping the colors with the right cookies in the image. The edges on this one were difficult for us though, and we didn’t finish the top border until we had almost finished the puzzle!

I spent a long time with the edges, and then the counter sections while Clark worked on the towel and the rolling pin. Sometime while Clark was finishing up the towel, I started doing more of the cookies along the bottom of the image, and the 2 Dandelion mug. The counter sections all had different amounts of flour on them, so that was very helpful in sorting those out.

We forgot to mention it in either post for St. Joe’s Lighthouse, but we really like how the pieces lock together. I also really like how weird some of these pieces are, even when at times, where we would think there’s only one piece that would go somewhere, and it actually turned out to be two or three pieces!

We won’t write about it again, but I am looking forward to doing Oh MI Cookies! again for some other business stuff we need to do!

Stay Puzzled,

-xo, j

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