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Next Up: The Stories of Josh Malerman

  • Clark 

Jenny celebrated her baby with “Oh MI Cookies!” a couple weeks ago and now we’re on to mine: “The Stories of Josh Malerman.”

The Stories of Josh Malerman by So Puzzled Puzzle Company

The final puzzle from our original series at So Puzzled Puzzle Company, this was my project from start to finish and I’m so excited that we finally get to put it together ourselves.  Malerman is one of my favorite authors and this puzzle (though not this design) was the first one we had a solid idea for when we initially decided to go forward with the company.  It was awesome getting a chance to work with him to put this design together and we really appreciate his support through the process.  Doing the puzzle feels like the culmination of months of work.

I think the hardest parts will be the trees in the top half of the puzzle.  They’re unique when viewed as a whole but repetitive in small pieces.  Like the crossbeams of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge (and their reflections).  Additionally, the SST edition of Inspection has a tree design to it (thankfully we didn’t work an original edition of Goblin in there).  But I can’t imagine them being worse than the stripes on the dresses in Apostrophe Puzzles’ “The Routes We Follow” so it’ll be fine.  There are also three red books so I imagine it’ll take a minute to sort out which pieces belong to which.

A little bit of trivia that we’ve alluded to before…  Incidents Around the House doesn’t come out until June 25 so we had to fake it a bit to include it in the puzzle.  We got our hands on an ARC copy and it’s incredible.  We highly recommend pre-ordering it from our favorite indie bookstore, where you can also find So Puzzled Puzzle Company puzzles.

The goal is that this one – after what I’ll call a “slight modification” – gets framed and goes in my office.

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