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Wrap-Up: The Routes We Follow

This was a great puzzle! It was the hardest we’ve done of Apostrophe Puzzle’s first collection, but it was so fun! We started this back in August, and it started off well, but some health problems on my part put a stop to any puzzle activity for the better part of a month.

Completed Routes We Follow puzzle by Apostrophe Puzzles

After some physical therapy and some rest, I was able to puzzle again. We made it a priority to finish this up, and spent our evenings and weekends piecing this together. Though we did take a break to put together some IKEA puzzles of wardrobes in my closet. I worked on the sky and the upper bodies of the four women, while Clark worked on the skirts. The sheer amount of skirt meant that I finished up the top third of the puzzle before the skirts were even half done.

While we were waiting to be able to puzzle more, we also bought some new lights to help with the glare and generally make it brighter while we work. We love it!

View of the We Are So Puzzled puzzle table and new light setup

They have daylight bulbs which is amazing, since the sun sets obscenely early for us now. They are a photography light set up, which seems excessive for just doing puzzles, but we have good reason we just can’t share yet.

Anywhoozles, we spent this week working on the skirts, and we just wrapped up this evening. I know I say it in every post, Apostrophe Puzzles are freaking amazing, and I cannot recommend them enough. The pieces fit together so nicely that even if you only have one point of contact you know you have a fit, the finish is like suede, and the artwork is always fantastic.

Thanks for hanging in there with us!

Stay puzzled!

-xo, j

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