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Next Up: Portage Lake Lift Bridge

Our next puzzle is Portage Lake Lift Bridge, the third in the series of our company, So Puzzled Puzzle Company! This features another photo by the fabulous Kati Hook at Hooked on Photography. She is so talented, the photos she takes are just *chef’s kiss*

Some points of concern for us when designing this puzzle (and when looking at it today when we had finished Oh MI Cookies!) is the amount of sky and the amount of lake. However, we are 99.982% sure that the random cut pieces will help a lot, along with the gradient of the sky, and the gradient of the sky reflected in the water.

We are planning on starting this tonight, but we also thought we’d be moving faster on these in general before life got in the way! We have a pretty chill evening planned so hopefully that helps.

Stay Puzzled,

-xo, j

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