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Next Up: Bengal Blue by Vinita Karim

  • Jenny 

I AM SO EXCITED! It’s another Apostrophe Puzzles puzzle!

I have purposefully been holding off on picking this one because I enjoyed the last one so much, and it was over so quickly. Granted, it was over so quickly because we loved it so much we did nothing but that puzzle and sleep for 24 hours. Seeing it there, waiting, was a beam of hope of how excellent puzzles can be, and so I didn’t want to rush into it. Buuuut, their new line is coming out soon, and I have the other two puzzles from their existing collection in my cart, so I can feel safe busting this one out.

We opened the box, and of course the pieces are the same buttery amazingness as the last one. The colors, also just as gorgeous. Ugh, I’m just so excited about this! I think the lines will give us structure and make it easier to follow, but Clark thinks we’ll get tripped up by them at least a little due to some of the repeating colors.

Honestly, if this one takes longer because of that, I am 100% a-ok with it. I want to savor it! I’ve mentioned previously this puzzle is from a black-led, women-led company that features artists of color on their puzzles, and we are here for it. Their quality is through the roof, and we cannot recommend them enough.

Happy Puzzling!

xo, -j

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