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Next Up: Lego Paint Party

  • Clark 

I got a ping from our friend Janice over the summer saying just “This is on sale if you and Jenny want.” followed by a link.

Lego Paint Party by Chronicle Books

My reply? “And purchased.”

I’ve always been a Lego geek.  Combine that with the brilliant colors on the Lego Paint Party puzzle and it was one I thought we had to have.

The branding on the box is all Lego (and, yes, I know I should be capitalizing that) but it’s published by Chronicle Books.  We haven’t done any of their puzzles before so I’m curious to see how the cut and fit end up working out.  From a brief look at the pieces, the finish is nice (though not really anything special) and the colors are vibrant.

My expectation is that this will go together a lot like the Planets in Space puzzle.  We’ll do the borders but then treat each paint can as basically a mini-puzzle, then place the cans together and fill in the empty spaces.  Some of that may depend on the fit, though, and how easy it is to move those sections around.

If this one ends up being fun, there are a handful of other Lego puzzles we can take a crack at eventually.

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