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Next Up: Here Comes Santa

  • Jenny 
front of a puzzle box with a train and Santa

With Christmas right around the corner, I chose this 550 piece puzzle. I have no idea where it came from or why I kept it so long as to end up writing about it on the puzzle blog I definitely had not started when I bought it.

front of a puzzle box with a train and Santa

It seems, after a quick google search for Ceaco Puzzles, that it probably came from Kohl’s? That’s about the only information I have about it! I think it will be a fun little puzzle for us to do leading up to the weekend festivities, and probably not wrapping up until a day or two after Christmas. We have a lot going on over the next several days, so I guess we’ll see how determined we are.

Perhaps next year we’ll do more themed puzzles, and it certainly seems like there are plenty to choose from. If not currently in our closet, at least available for purchase. I don’t expect this puzzle will take long at all. Lots of discernible features, the longest part will probably be the snow covered trees!

May you have a gentle holiday,

xo, -j

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