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Wrap-Up: Indian Feather Crest

  • Clark 

We finished off “Indian Feather Crest” by Bgraamiens Puzzle on Wednesday.  This one was a bit surprising!

The completed “Indian Feather Crest” puzzle

As I said in the next up post, we’d never done a Bgraamiens Puzzle before and I was getting a cheap feeling from the packaging and the feel of the pieces.  Thankfully, that ended up not being the case.  The pieces fit together really nicely.  Jenny noted that we’d never had that combination of glossy finish with satisfying fit.  There was a little bit of an issue where the colors on the box didn’t quite match the colors on the poster or the colors on the box (and it seemed like the poster and the box were oriented differently) but the puzzle itself was really nice.

Jenny started from the outside and worked in while I worked from the inside out, which was kind of a happy accident.  When we unboxed and sorted the pieces, the middle piece just happened to be one of the last ones, so I kept it and worked off of it.

The “Indian Feather Crest” puzzle, partially completed

It turns out, working from the inside out made things move much more quickly.  Much of the outer border is solid black, so Jenny ended up using the letters on the back of the pieces to get a feel for where they should go.  Working from the inside, the design was done in layers, so I could focus on a specific design element and match up the colors as I went.

This was a lot of fun.  We don’t have any more from Bgraamiens Puzzle in our queue but I’d be up for trying another.  They seem to have a lot of circular puzzles and that’s a nice break from our usual rectangular ones.

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